UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS was founded in 2015 by the team at CONWAY DESIGN, a design agency specialising in branding and communications. Having built brands, crafted design and communications for clients for many years, we decided to begin down a path of creating our own brand in addition to serving others.

With combined backgrounds in design and communication and a shared belief in the power of design to contribute to everyday life in a meaningful way, we set about creating and opening design focused department store.

Looking back before looking forward revealed many similarities between the original great department stores of Sydney and the retail offer we wanted to build - a finely curated selection of quality goods, courteous service, packaged & delivered to discerning customers.

We are inspired by individual journeys in design and making, the development and joy of process, the challenges overcome by designers, brands and modern makers. You can read more of those designstories as we present them.

UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS values strong relationships with only the best kinds of designers, brands, and objects, those born out of design thinking, great craft or technique. We consider our designers, brands and makers true partners and value them above all else.

We want to build our reputation as a Universal Provider, selecting and offering goods by department, to become known as a trusted source for local and international wares of the highest quality, design led, ethically responsible and thoughtfully produced.